Your electric vehicle experts

Despite the slump in new car sales due to the Coronavirus pandemic, sales of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric cars have increased in 2020 and now account for one in five new cars sold across Europe and in September accounted for one in four new cars registered in Ireland. With the government having set[…]

Colouring your world

Increasing vehicle complexity presents a major challenge to advanced accident repair centres such as Ashmore Ryder and entails constant investment in new repair technology and training. Similarly when it comes the to the paint on modern cars, the level of sophistication and diverse choice means we have to stay at the cutting edge of coating[…]

Understanding Aluminium

Corrosion, cross-contamination, metal memory and energy absorption. These may sound like terms you might see in a science exam, but equally apply to the field of crash repair when it comes to vehicles with high aluminium content. Today more than ever, vehicle manufacturers are using an increasing number of aluminium parts and panels on their[…]

Providing a lifeline in write-off avoidance

To the untrained eye, after an accident, a car may look in almost perfect condition. However, factors such as underlying structural damage, or perhaps deployed airbags, can mean that a near perfect looking car is actually classed by the insurance company as a write-off. What is commonly referred to as a write-off means that the[…]