Understanding Aluminium

Corrosion, cross-contamination, metal memory and energy absorption. These may sound like terms you might see in a science exam, but equally apply to the field of crash repair when it comes to vehicles with high aluminium content. Today more than ever, vehicle manufacturers are using an increasing number of aluminium parts and panels on their[…]

Practical excess advice

It is all too easy to do. You are looking for a competitive insurance quote online and you notice the excess slider. Put the insurance excess up and your insurance costs miraculously come tumbling down. You take the lower quote and perhaps don’t realise the consequences until you are involved in an accident. Don’t worry[…]

Pre and post repair diagnostics

Scanning for optimum safety Staying on the cutting edge of accident repair technology has always been something that Ashmore Ryder has prided itself on. When we first started out some 40 years ago this meant being good with a hammer and a spray gun, but when it comes to the vehicles of today, you are[…]

Ashmore Ryder Crash Repairs

Expert Ford and Kia repairs

Ashmore Ryder adds to vehicle manufacturer expertise Ashmore Ryder is delighted to announce that it has further strengthened its position as a manufacturer appointed and approved body repair centre by becoming a Ford Appointed Repairer and a Kia Approved Bodyshop. This adds to our existing status as a Mercedes Benz Certified Approved Paint & Body[…]

Quality is in our DNA

Quality is in our DNA We live in an age where just about every product or service is described as high quality, yet there is often very little substance to back up these assertions. At Ashmore Ryder we take the issue of quality very seriously and mean what we say when we talk about accident[…]