Colouring your world

Increasing vehicle complexity presents a major challenge to advanced accident repair centres such as Ashmore Ryder and entails constant investment in new repair technology and training. Similarly when it comes the to the paint on modern cars, the level of sophistication and diverse choice means we have to stay at the cutting edge of coating technology to perfectly match today’s huge array of colours.

In order to produce the very highest standards of paint finish Ashmore Ryder relies on a refinish paint called Standoblue Basecoat from the Standox brand. Standox comes under the umbrella of the global Axalta corporation, one of the largest coatings manufacturers in the world and a major supplier of original finishes to the vehicle makers.

Standoblue forms part of a comprehensive coating system that allows Ashmore Ryder to reproduce the exact colour formulation that appears on any vehicle. In today’s dynamic vehicle coatings market this is a considerable challenge as not only the spectrum of colours grows ever broader, but also vehicle makers seek to differentiate models through special effect finishes such as high chroma colours, tinted clearcoats, glass flakes, pearls, xyrillics, matt finishes and many more.

To keep pace with all this change, Standox is constantly developing new, perfect match, colour formulations that provide complete colour accuracy thanks to specially selected effect flakes and pigments. Standox-Axalta develops some 25,000 new colour formulas in its global colour labs every year adding to the 200,000 plus formulations available in the colour database.

Ashmore Ryder has complete, up to the minute, access to this constantly updated colour library, but to produce the perfect colour match on your car requires two more crucial elements, the right equipment and the right skills.

When it comes to colour technology the Ashmore Ryder Colour team use a state of the art Genius iQ spectrophotometer. This device will digitally read the colour on a vehicle and uses advanced software to find the perfect colour match and produce the right formulation. This can then be mixed using a precise combination of colour bases.

Of course all this is only possible thanks to the skills and expertise of Ashmore Ryder colour and paint technicians. Specially trained in colour identification and matching, they will ensure that every finish seamlessly replicates the colour on the car, while highly skilled paint application allows for a completely invisible repair.

So whatever the type of finish, colour or individual shade on your car, you can be completely confident that Ashmore Ryder will always have the perfect match.

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