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Experts in Aluminium Repair:

Emission reduction is the name of the game for vehicle manufacturers at present and one of the best ways to achieve this is to make their cars lighter. If you lift the bonnet on a car that is made from aluminium, as opposed to normal steel, you will be amazed by how much lighter it is. Add to this the fact that aluminium is much more energy absorbent in a crash than steel and you can soon see why aluminium content on cars is growing every year.

Aluminium also used to be mainly confined to the more premium car brands such as Audi and Jaguar, but it is now very much a mainstreamAluminium Repair Ashmore Ryder material used in volume family car production. This has serious implications for crash repair.

Because aluminium’s metallurgical characteristics differ from steel’s, to repair it safely and effectively requires a very different repair process. It requires specialist equipment, especially for welding and bonding, specialist technician training and a dedicated aluminium repair bay.

Steel and aluminium do not mix well during a repair process. Repairing aluminium in the same area as steel can lead to cross contamination which can mean a greatly increased risk of vehicle corrosion and the structural integrity of the vehicle being compromised.

At Ashmore Ryder we are one of only a few accident repair centres in Ireland to have a dedicated aluminium repair bay. This is a completely separate enclosed area away for the main workshop with its own dedicated tooling and equipment. Our technicians are also fully trained in the lasted aluminium repair processes and techniques. This means they can safely and effective repair the very latest cars with a high aluminium structural content.

For complete peace on mind, choose Ashmore Ryder for your vehicle repairs. Our aluminium expertise means we can ensure your safety, protect your investment and maintain your bodywork warranty.

As New Alloys:Alloy Wheel Repair Ashmore Ryder

If your alloy wheels are looking a little worse for wear after the winter months why not have them refurbished by Ashmore Ryder.
We can carry out a full wheel refurbishment and recoat, not just basic scuff removal, meaning your alloys can look like new, but for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Call us on 01-668-4997 and we will be delighted to give you a special price and book your car in.

Bump And Run!

A recent NASCAR race at the Richmond International Raceway in the USA ended spectacularly with Carl Edwards performing an expert manoeuvre on Kyle Busch on the last lap to take the race victory. The move is called a “Bump and run” and it is made all the more amazing when you consider that these two are teammates at Joe Gibbs Racing. We certainly don’t recommend you try this on the M50.


If you would like to find out more about any of the services featured above, please telephone us on 01 668 4997 or call in to our premises.
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