Let us save your PCP penalty

Bumps and scratches are an annoying, but an all too frequent aspect of modern motoring. Some people get them repaired straight away and some people learn to live with imperfect bodywork. However, when it comes to changing your car this minor damage could cost you dear.

If you are selling a car privately, or trading it in, minor scratches can deter a buyer and mean that you don’t get the maximum value on trade-in or sale. Bumps and scuffs can often put an element of doubt in the mind about how well a car has been cared for, creating a poor first impression with a potential buyer, or someone assessing the vehicle value, that won’t be saved by a complete service history.

If you are returning a lease car, or one on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), then the financial penalties can be even more alarming. Less than a quarter of people who take out PCP agreements buy the car outright, which means most are returned to finance company. Most people assume that on return they will receive the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value as stated in the contract. However, this comes with conditions.

It is the responsibility of the driver to maintain the car to the terms agreed in the PCP contract and there are penalties if this is not done. Financial penalties for minor damage are especially common, often going well beyond a reasonable repair cost. Normal wear and tear is covered, but damage to paintwork, alloy wheels and upholstery is not.

Ashmore Ryder can provide a simple solution to this problem. We offer a paintwork rectification and alloy wheel repair service designed to maximise vehicle sale, or trade-in, values and avoid any PCP penalties associated with paint damage.

Just drop in to us with your vehicle and we will assess any work that needs to be done and offer you a fair and economical price to complete it. Our advanced equipment and materials and expertise in small area body repairs and alloy wheel repairs means we can perform most jobs quickly and at a surprisingly affordable price.

Don’t leave things to chance and risk a nasty and expensive surprise on vehicle return or trade-in. Talk to Ashmore Ryder first to arrange a free bodywork assessment. Call us today on 01-668-4997.

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