New Repair Challenges

Astra Weight Loss Brings New Repair Challenges:

Emissions are big news in the automotive industry at present, but car makers have been focused on emission reduction for a long time. Vehicle designers are going to increasing lengths to cut emissions to meet European targets and one of the ways they are doing this is by drastically reducing vehicle weight.
A prime example of this is the next generation Opel Astra which was premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new model will use a variety of new metal alloy materials in its construction such as Ultra High Strength Steel and High Strength Low Alloy Steel. It also uses a Astra Weight Loss Ashmore Rydervariety of advanced bonding methods to secure panels. The material used is much lighter than normal steel meaning a reduction in bodyshell weight from 375kg to 280kg. It is also much stronger than normal construction materials providing a higher level of occupant protection.

The Astra uses many of the materials and bonding methods already in use in high-end luxury models and this points the way to what all family cars of the future will be made of. There is however a very serious issue should these vehicles be involved in an accident. The use of high strength alloys and differing bonding techniques means that traditional accident repair methods are no longer suitable for a safe and effective repair. Indeed standard welding of these materials can make them structurally weaker and mean they will offer inferior protection in a further accident.
The only way to safely repair these new generation cars is to strictly follow the recommended manufacturer repair process and for the repairer to ensure he has the correct level of equipment, training and expertise to carry out an effective repair.

As a Certified Steel Standard Approved repairer, Ashmore Ryder is committed to using only manufacturer recommended repair methods and ensuring all staff are fully trained and have the right equipment to carry out the repair. We also stay fully up-to-date with changes in vehicle technology and construction. As such we can guarantee that whatever the vehicle, or the new materials or technology involved, Ashmore Ryder will always have the skills, expertise, equipment and information to carry out a safe repair fully in line with the manufacturer methods. This is something that, hand on heart, not every bodyshop can say.

Is The Message That Important:

Check out this video. Porsche’s Le Mans driver Mark Webber seems out of sorts as he tries to complete a fast lap in a Porsche GT3. The former F1 driver is bumping over curbs, cutting corners and is definitely a bit wobbly on the straights. At the end of the video the reason becomes apparent.

The moral of the story is that if a highly trained and experienced driver can’t do it then neither should you. Stay safe on the roads.

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