Pre and post repair diagnostics

Scanning for optimum safety

Staying on the cutting edge of accident repair technology has always been something that Ashmore Ryder has prided itself on. When we first started out some 40 years ago this meant being good with a hammer and a spray gun, but when it comes to the vehicles of today, you are not so much repairing a car, as a computer network on wheels.

A modern vehicle will feature hundreds of Electronic Control Units or ECU’s. These are basically mini computers that control and monitor electronic systems relating to any number of functions of a vehicle, including; engine management, emissions, climate control, driver assistance and active safety. In fact when it comes to computing power a modern premium car will have something like 100 million lines of code. In comparison a Boeing 787 passenger jet has something like 14 million lines of code, illustrating the complexity of the latest vehicles.

When electronic systems on a car fail, or if for example they become damaged after an accident, they will generate a diagnostic fault code. This highlights a problem that needs to be addressed, but can only be found by running a vehicle diagnostic scan using specialist equipment. Drivers tend to believe that they will be altered to problems on a vehicle by the illumination of dashboard warning lights, but these in fact only cover a tiny fraction of fault codes that may be generated.

With vehicles being so sophisticated, their fine balance can be easily upset by an accident. Even a relatively minor impact can cause any number of issues and the only way to find out the true extent of a problem with a car is to perform a comprehensive pre-repair diagnostic scan. A visual inspection is not nearly enough. Once the repair is complete and all issues are dealt with, a post-repair scan is then required to ensure the vehicle systems are all performing at their optimum level.

It is now generally accepted by vehicle manufacturers that in order to perform a best practice accident repair both a pre and post repair diagnostic scan is required. Ashmore Ryder has made a significant investment in diagnostic equipment and technician training so that we can offer this on every repair we carryout.

Not all accident repair centres are equipped to offer, or are even aware that such scans are required. These scans are especially crucial where a car has advance driver assistance systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Assist, Vehicle Stability Control, Collision Avoidance, Blind Spot Detection, Back Up Cameras, Front and Rear Radar, Side Impact Pre-Tensioners, Heads Up Display and Self-Parking. Without the right diagnostic scanning there can be no guarantee that these systems are working effectively and as such the safety of driver, passengers and other road users can be compromised.

For guaranteed safety and quality, backed up by a full pre and post repair diagnostic scan, make sure you choose Ashmore Ryder for your advanced technology accident repair needs.

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