Precision safety system calibration

To ensure even greater safety and the highest possible repair quality, Ashmore Ryder has recently invested in a digital calibration system for ADAS systems which now feature on the vast majority of modern cars.

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This is technology that has been developed over many years to assist drivers on the road, provide warnings were required and help to avoid, or lessen the impact of, collisions.

The systems use sensors, radar and cameras to detect potential dangers. They then send this information to an on-board computer which can take appropriate action to avoid possible problems. This may, for example, involve emergency braking if there is danger on an imminent collision, slowing the car if it is getting too close to a vehicle in front, or perhaps providing a warning if a car is straying from its lane, or indicating to move in front of a vehicle in a blind spot.

This advanced technology makes hundreds of thousands of precision safety calculations on any journey, but can only do so optimally if the systems are precisely calibrated.

Sensors, radar and cameras can go out of alignment for many reasons. For example, hitting potholes or speed humps, sometimes after mechanical repairs, especially to the suspension, but by far the most common reason is vehicle accidents. Even after a minor low speed impact the systems will generally require recalibration and it is essential in the case of major accident repair work.

The majority of accident repair centres in Ireland do not have in-house calibration systems and have to outsource this process, or worse still skip the calibration process altogether, which means this delicate equipment provides far less protection.

To keep the ADAS calibration process in-house and under the control of our highly trained technicians, Ashmore Ryder has recently invested in a Mahle BrainBee Connex Digital ADAS system. This is one of the most advanced calibration systems available using second generation fully digital technology as opposed to first generation manual target boards.

The system allows us to recalibrate all the ADAS systems on any vehicle quickly and effectively, by checking all settings against a comprehensive database and making the necessary adjustments where required. We can therefore guarantee that any vehicle that has been repaired by Ashmore Ryder will only leave our workshop with all its ADAS systems working at optimum safety levels.

If your vehicle needs an accident repair make sure you choose a bodyshop which has advance recalibration technology. Contact Ashmore Ryder on 01-668-4997 or call in to out premises for a free assessment.

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