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A lesson in E Class expertise

The Mercedes Benz E Class is the 2017 Irish Car of the Year and features an array of advanced technology that adds comfort and safety to its unique driving experience. It is a car that is coveted and admired all over the world, but even with its powerful accident avoidance systems it is not immune to driving misfortune.

If the car is involved in some form of impact restoring an E Class to its pre-accident condition is about so much more than panels and paint and is something that can only be fully guaranteed by the skill and expertise of a Mercedes Benz Approved Paint & Body Centre, such as Ashmore Ryder.

Here is just a snap-shot of some of the technology that is now available on the 2017 E Class:

  • A 360-degree network of cameras, radars, and sensors that constantly monitor the car’s surroundings to help it avoid an accident.
  • Drive Pilot, semi-autonomous driver assistance system, which feature advanced adaptive cruise control, steering assist, autonomous lane management and lane changing, and blind spot detection.
  • Self parking by smartphone.
  • Cloud based communication with other vehicles and smart road infrastructure.
  • Automatic braking in potential accident situations.
  • Pre-Safe Impulse, which helps protect the driver and passengers by inflating the side of the seat that is closest to the impact.
  • A special signal that will prepare occupants ears for an impact, to reduce the potential for hearing damage caused by a crash.
  • Attention Assist a driver monitoring and alertness system.
  • Touch sensitive controls and customisable digital displays.
  • Multibeam LED headlight technology that uses 84 individual LED lights to provide optimum vision on the road without the risk of blind oncoming drivers.

With this much sophisticated technology on-board it is vital that when a Mercedes E Class, or any other Mercedes model, is involved in an accident it is repaired, restored and recalibrated by a Mercedes Benz Approved Paint & Body Centre such as Ashmore Ryder. We offer a fully Mercedes Benz approved service of the highest quality. This means;

  • All vehicles are repaired in strict accordance with Mercedes Benz quality standards to original specifications using Mercedes Benz repair methods.
  • We use specialist Mercedes Benz approved repair equipment, including an aluminium repair bay where required.
  • Exclusive use of Mercedes Benz original panels.
  • Cars are repaired by Mercedes Benz trained master technicians.
  • All vehicle safety systems are recalibrated and restored to pre-accident condition using Mercedes Benz approved diagnostic systems.
  • Full maintenance of your Mercedes Benz body and paint warranty.

Remember if you have an accident the choice of repairer is yours. Only a very select group of repairers have the knowledge, expertise, trained staff and specialist equipment to repair the latest Mercedes Benz vehicles safely and effectively. This is why it makes perfect sense to choose Ashmore Ryder, your officially approved Mercedes Benz Paint & Body Centre.

Of course if you are not a Mercedes driver you can still also benefit from all of Ashmore Ryder’s advanced repair and recalibration expertise.

If you require accident repair services call us on 01 668 4997.

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