Safe and sanitised vehicle repairs

To ensure the safety of both customers and staff, Ashmore Ryder has put in place strict new vehicle cleaning and sanitising protocols and implemented social distancing measures. It means that if your vehicle needs an accident repair, even during the present COVID-19 restrictions, you can have total confidence that we will carry out the repair to the same exceptional Ashmore Ryder standards and return it completely sanitised and safe.

The cleaning, sanitisation and social distancing measures we have put in place include:

Deep cleaning and sanitising of all vehicle interiors  

We deep clean and sanitise all vehicle interiors using a Sanity Systems Ozone Sanitising Machine. This is a medical grade ozone sanitizing system that is used by the HSE and many global medical institutions and is also recommended by leading vehicle manufacturers. The unit is placed in the vehicle and in just 22 minutes it will completely sanitise and deodorise both the interior and whole air-conditioning system. It uses ozone to kill 99.9% of bacteria and active virus as well as mites, moulds, fungus, spores, yeasts, pollens and inactivates viruses. It will deep clean and sanitise the dash, trim, upholstery, carpet and mats, child seats and head rests. The whole process is safe, environmentally friendly and avoids the risk of damage and discolouration to internal surfaces that can be caused by some cleaning products. We carry out this ozone sanitising process both before the repair and immediately prior to the vehicle being collected after the repair. This means that all repaired vehicles are returned to customers expertly repaired, fully valeted and completely sanitised.

The use of vehicle interior protection material

Once a car is sanitised and before the repair commences, we will protect the interior through the use of disposable covers for seats, steering wheel, gear stick, hand brake etc.

Staff hygiene protocols

All Ashmore Ryder staff work to strict hygiene standards including frequent hand washing and sanitising and the use of disposable gloves and facemasks where required.

Key cleaning and sanitising

We employ a UV Lamp Cleaner to fully sanitise vehicle keys and ensure they are clean and safe. Once sanitised, keys are placed in a sealed bag for return to the customer.

Social Distancing

If you need to visit our premises you can be assured that we have taken every precaution to ensure customer safety and have put in place appropriate social distancing measures.

By employing these measures you can be fully confident that your vehicle is completely safe and sanitised after it has been worked on by our expert team. If you require accident repair services or advice please call Ashmore Ryder on 01-668-4997.

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