Cool Vehicle Air-Con Advice

With Ireland enjoying one of its best summers on record and temperatures remaining high, vehicle air-conditioning systems are having to work harder than ever. Climate control technicians at carmaker Seat have issued some useful advice on how to best utilise the vehicle air-con system and the common mistakes to avoid.

They also point out the importance of keeping your cool when in your car. In-car heat can actually have a major impact on driving. For example, an interior temperature of 35 °C causes the driver to react 20% slower than at 25 °C, with the effect similar to drink driving.

The first common mistake in using the air-con is to turn it on full blast when entering a hot car. This causes hot air to circulate and means the car takes longer to cool. Instead it is best to first ventilate the car for a few minutes by opening doors and windows to naturally lower the temperature.

A second common mistake is to keeping the air recirculation option activated. It is actually better to use the auto option so that the system can regulate the air flow more effectively. It is also recommended that the air con should remain activated even on chilly mornings with the temperature raised to avoid windscreen misting problems.

Another crucial point to remember is that people tend to point the air vents directly at themselves. However, for the best air flow in the car for all occupants it is actually best to point the vents at the roof. This means the air flows all around the interior of the car and reaches every passenger consistently.

Last, but by no means least, Seat point out that is essential to have air-con systems serviced and maintained just like other aspects of the vehicle like brakes, oil and filters. A poorly performing air conditioning system can cause increased drive fatigue, lead to nasty in-car odours and can also cause more serious breakdown and maintenance issues to both the system and other components.

Ashmore Ryder can perform a complete vehicle air-con check and service on any vehicle to ensure it is functioning to its optimum, including cars that use a new generation refrigerant as highlighted below.

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