Practical excess advice

It is all too easy to do. You are looking for a competitive insurance quote online and you notice the excess slider. Put the insurance excess up and your insurance costs miraculously come tumbling down. You take the lower quote and perhaps don’t realise the consequences until you are involved in an accident. Don’t worry you are not alone. Many drivers do not realise the potential cost of increasing their insurance excess. Indeed some drivers are not really sure what an excess is. Because of this we see lots of drivers who are not aware that they will be responsible to pay the excess element of the repair cost which in many cases can run into thousands of Euro.

If you find yourself in this position don’t panic. At Ashmore Ryder we have lots of experience of dealing with these situations. We can provide you with independent impartial advice based on our vast experience in this field and we can generally come up with the most economical solution tailored to your needs.

For example, if you have been involved in a minor accident, it is often better to have the repairs carried out without making a claim on your insurance. Ashmore Ryder can assess the damage and come up with the most economical repair solution. You deal with us directly, the repair can often be completed more quickly than when making a claim and you do not have to worry about losing your no claims bonus, with the subsequent rise in your insurance premium.

Ashmore Ryder continually invests in the very latest repair and refinishing technology, while our expert technicians are fully trained in all the very latest repair methods. This has allowed us to become expert in areas such as rapid repair techniques, which allow for the repair of minor damage quickly and economically.

Where required our expert staff can also identify methods of reducing the cost of some repairs such as using advanced repair techniques instead of replacing expensive panels or plastic parts. This means in some instances a repair can be made more affordable, although the quality of the workmanship and finish will still be to the same outstanding Ashmore Ryder standards. This often provides a more economical and convenient solution for the motorist. It can even mean that you do not have to put up with minor bumps and scratches which you thought you could not afford to put right.

If you require accident repair services and are worried about your high excess, talk to us first for impartial advice and to find the most practical and affordable repair option.

If you require accident repair services or advice on vehicle excess call us on 01 668 4997.

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