The complete air-con service solution

Ashmore Ryder was one of the first businesses in Dublin to offer vehicle air-con services and we have constantly invested in the latest equipment and developed great expertise in this area.

Our latest investment has been a new air-con service equipment unit that allows us to perform a re-gas on vehicles that use a new generation of refrigerant. Since January 2018 it has been a legal requirement for all new cars entering service in Europe to have air-con systems that use a new generation gas called R1234yf. This is a more environmentally and ozone friendly gas than the one previously used. Although the legal requirement to use this gas only fully came in to effect earlier this year, most new models have been utilising the new gas since January 2017 and many prestige car makers have been using it for even longer.

Because R1234yf is a completely different formulation to the R134a gas that was commonly used, it requires a completely different equipment system to perform a complete re-gas or refrigerant top up. Ashmore Ryder has invested in such a system and ensured our technicians have all the appropriate training, including the legally required F-Gas certification.

This means that at Ashmore Ryder we can offer a full vehicle air-con service on cars that feature both the new R1234yf refrigerant and previous R134a refrigerant. As such we can offer a complete solution regardless of which system your car uses, something that many other air-con service providers cannot.

Remember your vehicle air-con system has been working extra hard in recent months and needs a regular service to ensure it can continue to do so. It is also worth noting that an effective air-con system is now an all year round requirement.

For the complete vehicle air-con solution call Ashmore Ryder today to arrange a service appointment on 01-668-4997.

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