Why four wheel alignment is vital

As part of Ashmore Ryder’s standard repair and safety check procedures, every car that we repair in our workshop is subject to a digital four wheel alignment check.

Precise wheel alignment is vital for many reasons, not least safety and at Ashmore Ryder we have specially trained technicians and advanced laser equipment to perform this task.

In simple terms wheel alignment means adjusting the vehicle geometry so that all that all wheels are positioned properly and steering precisely in the same direction. Our equipment will scan the wheels and provide a digital readout to confirm alignment, or any adjustments that may be required.

Four wheel alignment differs from two wheel alignment, often known as ‘tracking’, as it measures data from at least 12 angles. This will then be checked against the information supplied by the vehicle manufacturer on the original set up of the vehicle. In this way the Ashmore Ryder team can ensure that after a repair, the vehicle is perfectly matched to the original vehicle manufacturer specification.

There are many reasons to ensure that a vehicle always has accurate four wheel alignment. These include:

  • Improved safety. – Properly aligned wheels means the vehicle handles better and can stop quicker, especially in the wet.
  • Properly functioning ADAS. – Many of the latest vehicles have advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that can perform semi autonomous actions such as braking and steering in an emergency. If wheels are not aligned correctly, then the operation of ADAS systems can be compromised.
  • A better driving experience. – Well aligned wheels mean more precise steering with no “drift”. This makes driving easier and more enjoyable.
  • Increased tyre wear. – Badly aligned wheels means that tyres will wear more inconsistently and will wear faster. This means they can be dangerous and will need to be replaced earlier.
  • Increased fuel consumption. – When wheels are not in alignment they are not all pulling in the same direction. The consequence is the engine has to work harder to achieve the desired results meaning it will burn more fuel.
  • Added component stress. – Badly aligned wheels can cause vehicle components to wear faster, especially the steering and suspension systems. This can result in a car needing expensive repairs that can be avoided by a simple alignment procedure.

Ashmore Ryder performs four wheel alignment in-house with our expert technicians using the latest equipment. Not every repair centre has this facility and as such some outsource this job, meaning increased repair times, or worse still, fail to properly align all four wheels.

For peace of mind, if you need accident repair services, choose Ashmore Ryder, for perfect four wheel alignment every time.

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