Straight Talking Technology From Ashmore Ryder

Straight Talking Technology:

Precision is absolutely vital in modern vehicle repairs. Even in a relatively minor incident a car’s alignment can be affected and the driving comfort and safety of the vehicle can be compromised. This is why Ashmore Ryder has invested in some of the most advanced measuring and chassis alignment equipment available which uses advanced software and digital measuring technology to ensure when we repair a vehicle everything is returned exactly to the original manufacturer specification.Old Car Ashmore Ryder

As you can see from the pictures the development of chassis technology from the 1970’s to the present day has been dramatic. The first picture shows how Ashmore Ryder used to check wheel alignment manually. In this case a Mk1 Ford Escort is receiving the expert attention of one of our team. Even with this old technology the results achieved where very impressive, although the process was time consuming and might lack the ultimate precision of today’s hi-tech cars.

Move on to the present day and Ashmore Ryder now operates highly sophisticated Car-O-Liner measuring and alignment systems. This Swedish company is a leading global provider of high-quality, technologically-advanced collision repair equipment, with more than forty years industry experience. Using Car-o-Liner equipment gives our team access to one of the most comprehensive databases of vehicle measurements in the world.New Car Technology Ashmore Ryder

Using this information and the special computer aided alignment system, our technicians can restore any car to its original specification ensuring it drivers perfectly and safely. The advanced measuring and alignment equipment and software also means that we can measure and repair vehicles very quickly and effectively.

Not all accident repairers have access to such advanced equipment and up to the minute data.

Don’t take the risk. Insist on the absolute precision of an Ashmore Ryder repair.

Spring Clean:

Spring is the time when we often think about cleaning and one thing that you should not ignore is your car’s air-con system. Sophisticated climate control and ventilation systems on modern cars mean we now tend to use the car air-con throughout the year and over the winter Air Conditioning Experts Ashmore Rydermonths all kinds of bacteria and impurities can build up in the system.
It makes sense to have your air-con system checked and serviced on a regular basis and spring is the perfect time to get it right, before the hard work of the summer. An air conditioning system service, clean and recharge will improve in-vehicle comfort, reduce in-car odours, keep windows more clear of dangerous misting and reduce health risks form a build up of contaminants and bacteria in the air supply.
Ashmore Ryder has some of the very latest air conditioning service equipment and expert highly trained staff who can service and recharge air con units so that they are performing to their optimum.

To book your air-con service and recharge call us on 01-668-4997.

The Rube Goldberg Take on Transportation:

A Rube Goldberg machine is one of those contraptions that has been deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task. It takes its name from the American cartoonist and inventor and if you aren’t sure what they are like, think tumbling dominos or the game Mouse Trap as very simple examples. The one in the video below is a little more involved and is entirely based on cars and car parts. Take a look and spare a thought for the team that designed and built it.

If you would like to find out more about any of the services featured above, please telephone us on 01 668 4997 or call in to our premises.
Barry Ashmore
Ashmore Ryder

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