Providing a lifeline in write-off avoidance

To the untrained eye, after an accident, a car may look in almost perfect condition. However, factors such as underlying structural damage, or perhaps deployed airbags, can mean that a near perfect looking car is actually classed by the insurance company as a write-off.

What is commonly referred to as a write-off means that the vehicle is uneconomical to repair, so as far as the insurance company is concerned the cost of repairing the vehicle, as well as other charges such as recovery, and replacement vehicle expenses are greater then the vehicle’s value. The insurer therefore pays out a settlement on their valuation of the vehicle rather than the cost of repair.

At Ashmore Ryder we are well aware that this is a huge inconvenience that can create problems for many drivers. Not only do you have the issue of being off the road for a long period, but there are other factors such as insurers valuing the car at far less than anticipated, meaning like-for-like replacement will leave the driver considerably out of pocket. Plus, we also know that sometimes cars are far more than just a means of getting from A to B and can have great sentimental value.

Keeping the car on the road can take away a great deal of stress and reduce the financial burden on a driver and at Ashmore Ryder we have developed great expertise in write-off avoidance. We use our huge experience and repair knowledge, together with our close working relationships with many insurance companies and car manufacturers to explore ways of repairing the vehicle safely, keeping it on the road and coming to a financial arrangement that suits everyone.

Most, although not all, written-off vehicles can be repaired safely and if this can be done within certain financial constraints then this course of action will often make the best sense. To make this happen we will work with insurers to find the best solution. Many vehicle manufacturers also have write-off avoidance programmes where they can add flexibility to parts pricing to facilitate a repair.

When this happens, in all cases, the vehicle is put back on the road without any compromise on repair quality and safety, using the latest technology and repair methods and is returned with a full repair warranty.

So if misfortune strikes, your car is badly damaged and your insurers deem it a write-off, all is not lost. At Ashmore Ryder we have used our write-off avoidance expertise to give a new lease of life to many cars. It is more convenient, makes financial sense and customers get to keep their vehicle.

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